A Holiday Home – Mr. Nirmal – Brigade Orchards – Part 1

Our clients love for nature and clutter-free spaces was something we picked up very early on. Very evident with his choice of property, we decided to keep the space simple, close to nature and highlight on the views and greenery around as much as we could.

Soothing to the eyes, this living room is an example of traditional modernism.

Although the color palette of this space is kept neutral, we’ve played around with textures and patterns to bring out the beauty of neutrals.

The stone finished TV panel against the engineered matte-finished wooden panel looks highly exquisite while gives a nature’s touch to the space. In a world filled with concrete, this stone finished accent wall is admittedly taking you back in the lap of nature.

Just next to the living room, here is a meticulously and exquisitely designed dining area which is minimalistic yet has a luxurious style that stands second to none.

The sparkling white batten wall paneling on a white wall is so English in its look. It brightens up the space and brings out the beauty of the cabinet and the dining.

The light fittings play along perfectly with the ambiance while the golden toned artefacts add a little but sufficient glam.

A kitchen is the soul of a home. This space has been excellently designed making use of the available space efficiently.

This contemporary and stylish kitchen with nude shade cabinets paired with a dark countertop blends well into the theme of the house while unfailing to grab attention.


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