Bharati (Mahaveer Ranches)

Got introduced through my brother for whom she had done a wonderful job. We were pretty much impressed and engaged her for our apartment. She is very professional and knows what to deliver as per the customer’s requirement. She is customer-friendly and innovative in her designs and approach. She has done an excellent job at our flat and would recommend her. Wishing her all the best.

Sandeep Soni (Brigade Metropolis & Purva FountainSquare)

Ranjani did the interior design of our house in Purva Fountain Square, and most recently at Brigade Metropolis. Some of the pictures of her work at our apartment are portrayed here on the site itself so you can have an idea. After our good experience working with Ranjani @Purva Fountain Square, we sought her out after 4 years, to work with her again for our apartment in Brigade. It is indeed a pleasure to work with her. She has an extremely pleasant personality, always listens patiently and gives honest opinions on why certain ideas could end up being good or bad, either way. Her communication style is clear and so are her design ideas 🙂 Her attitude and professionalism towards her clients is also commendable. She keeps in touch with the clients regularly on the progress of the projects, and sends out photos of the progress in case you are unable to make it to the site personally for some reason. We have also found her to be totally honest and quite transparent in her approach towards her clients, even when it comes to discuss commercial aspect of the things. All in all we have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ranjani, and would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good independent interior designer. We wish her all the best.

Vinay Narasimhan (SNN Raj Lakeview Phase 2)

A friend of mine introduced me to Ranjani when I was looking for a designer to do the interiors for my 5000 sq ft apartment. At that time I already had shortlisted two designers, one a close friend and another a designer who had done up another friends apartment. After going through the profile and the work Ranjani had done, it evinced interest in me and I started to seriously consider her. One compelling factor to tip in her favor was she came with fresh ideas and was very flexible to accommodate the several thoughts I had about how I wanted my house to be designed and gave a very appealing concept which was later incorporated. She always went beyond the call of duty and ensured the project gets the due attention even it was beyond the realm of her contract. She has a very excellent professional and well mannered team working with her. It has been a delightful experience working with her. While I strongly recommend her to all my friends and family, I also wish her a very bright future.

Rajshree Sanjay (Neotown)

It was completely by chance that we happened to meet Ranjani while we were on our search for someone to help us do our first home..something very special and close to our hearts . It was only because of her pleasant personality, ability to listen and understand the requirements properly and her positivity that instantly made us zero in on her on our very first meeting itself . After making such a quick decision, I must say she didn’t give us a single chance to regret it. Along with her creative thinking, her dedication and commitment towards her work are her key qualities.Her timely suggestions helped us a lot through out. We are very happy with her work and highly recommend her for a hassslefree & satisfying experience.

Monangi S. Rao

Ranjani has developed an interior plan for my terrace apartment at Purva Vantage, HSR Layour, Banglore. The design is very impressive and every part of the flat was taken care with utility, design, style and look. The execution of the job is good and the response time is quick, which matters. I don’t live in Banglore and the entire execution happened in my absence with good care. Though I had designed for my own living and currently given leased out. My tenants generally fall in love with the flat for the style and open terrace of 1550 sq ft. I may be using for doing similar scope for 2 flats in Hyderabad. i would strongly recommend to explore the options through Ranjani.

Sreeja & Gokul (RR Resdency, HSR Layout)

We happened to see the work done by Ranjani through our friend. We were very impressed and decided to meet Ranjani. We gave our requirements too her and she came up with a design which was exactly the way we wanted it to be. The work started by mid of November and completed by February. She is very patient, always pleasant and her labour is extremely good. We really like to thank Mr. Shanmugam and Mr. Pugal for their quality work due to which our house looks beautiful. Our kitchen and living area was made compact and stylish by her quality work and finish. We would really recommend her to my friends. We wish her all the best. It was an extremely pleasant and hassle free experience and never needed a follow up.


I’m so happy to note that quality work has been carried out, as per our needs as discussed over the phone and dozens of emails. Ranjani has also kept up time schedule in spite of many changes proposed by us. Excellent work. Very much satisfied. Keep it up.

Anu Antony

Very Happy to work with her….From the start till the end,even for the minor changes she was very co-operative…she made it a point to make sure everything was completed and satisfactory,only then initiated for the final payment….All together very impressed.


Ranjani was designer for our apartment interiors at Purva Atria. Very prompt and professional person. Everything was performed as per my instructions without my supervision. Every design and picture was taken and sent to me at every stage of completion. I am completely satisfied.I would like to highly recommend Ranjani.

James Ravi (Purva FountainSquare)

From the time of designing till completion, Ranjani has put in a great effort. She has taken special care in my absence due to residing abroad. Her designing and detailing was excellent. I thank Ranjani for her co-ordination and guidance on this project and the prompt communication with me over email throughout the period of execution.

Ram Mohan

I had given my apartment interior work for Purva interiors and Ranjani was our project engineer for my Purva Vantage-HSR project. She did a good job for me in quality,design to my requirement and completing the project on time. I wish Ranjani all the very best for her endeavors and If I will have any new projects in Bangalore, will of course use her again.

Mohamed Raoof

Very satisfied with the work. Service has been very professional and efficient form start to finish. Thank you.


Ranjani has been very professional in handling the project. We are very much satisfied with the work.


Excellent work done at my apartment by Ranjani. Great working with her. All the best.

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