Award Winning Interior Designer

Ranjani Sigamani, founder and Principal Designer of IBR Designs is an experienced and one of the top-drawer Interior Designer in Bengaluru. Ranjanis’ passion is to translate the essence of emotions and thoughts into forms, colors, and textures. She boasts a gamut of interior design projects, right from Luxury apartments to Corporate offices. A myriad of residential, retail, hospitality, and office interiors have celebrated elegance and great functionality with Ranjani’s exceptional services. Over the years, she has worked with multiple reputed builders to design show houses and model villas.
Her motive is to help you discover ways to feel more connected to your home or workplace so you can enjoy a sense of completeness. Known for a keen eye, Ranjani conceptualizes interior detailing to the tee and comes up with ground-breaking décor, lighting, and furnishing ideas that require minimum space and resources to shine on.

“Ranjani has been listed as one of the Top 10 Interior designers in Bengaluru.”

A perfect blend of idea, elements, and detailing brings out the best possible grandeur of an interior and Ranjani is a master of such blends. Ranjani offers Vastu compliant plans as per the client’s requirements or preference. Be it the communicability or awe-inspiring skills – Ranjani never fails to impress clients in any scenario. Innovative design concepts, palette selection, and providing unique textures to walls are few distinctive features that make her stand out.


Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Understanding our customers’ requirements and vision and merging them with our ideas and innovation is our ultimate aim. We are always available to meet our customers and discuss the project comprehensively. Only after mutual agreement on different stages do we proceed to design a home or workplace interior that defines the lifestyle and ethics of our customers.

We come up with innovative and prolific ideas that aim various aspects like wellness, elegance, endurance, environment, culture and reputation. We work on every small and big element of our ideas and concepts in order to impress our customers and provide them a great value for money. Our ideas and concepts encourage communication, productivity and collaboration.

We utilize our years of expertise coupled with advanced technology to create designs and offer solutions best suited for our clients. We go through intense sessions of brainstorming and ideating to come up with designs that are unique, in keeping with our clients’ tastes and requirements while also being staple pieces that work in harmony to uplift your interiors.

We begin with the implementation of our designs once the design stage has been completed and mutually agreed upon. Keeping all aspects of your space in mind, our dedicated team of professionals build your dream space inch by inch. We ensure that there is proper documentation and keep our clients updated at all times. We welcome our clients to be a part of the journey of their space.