Luxury Interiors – Vinay Narasimhan – SNN Raj Lakeview Phase 2 BTM

When the innovative ideas merge with young aesthetic cravings, a masterpiece home luxury interior project with an extreme extravagance like this comes into existence. With the captivating wall stone cladding, a home becomes more than just a place to live. The stone cladding designs are making waves nowadays as its rustic and raw appearance never fails to grab attention. The luxury project has a range of elements like double height false ceiling to add to its value. Upon moving into the house, the central room stuns you with its grandeur. The enticing false ceiling adds drama to the ambiance.

Sited in the posh vicinity of Bangalore, the project not just accentuates the visual treats but a huge focus on the functional elements can be clearly seen in the honest style living room, layered bedroom with contemporary bedding and accessories, rustic modern bathroom, an inspiring and sleek kitchen with subtle elegance and many other sections of the house. The inviting arras going well with the blend of bold and soft colors on the walls add to the majesty of the house. The grand entryway of the house makes you feel overwhelmed. The house has all the luxury home essentials that make it lavish.


The Family or Get Together Space – Spend Some Quality Time in Style

There is an alluring and well-planned space for family meeting or arranging a get-together in the house with a trendy center table and fluffy sofas. This space has been smartly designed keeping the illumination and the comfort in mind. The large windows with contemporary framing make sure your guests get fresh air and a great view of the outside. The glass ventilated wall above the windows add to the sources of illumination. The space, on the whole is a regal affair.





The Kitchen – Cook with Elegance

The luxury kitchen space has been designed in line with the everyday needs of a busy and working woman. A great blend of style and functionality can be witnessed in the kitchen area. The contemporary hanging and ceiling lights make the ambiance enchanting. There is enough space to fit all the kitchen accessories like refrigerator, microwave, OTG and so forth. Fine quality timber has been liberally used in the attic and the cabinets.



The Spiritual Section – Welcome the Prosperity Home

For the enduring prosperity and constant generation of the positive vibes, there is a special space upstairs for worshipping. This space has been nicely illuminated with a number of trendy lights fitted on the wall and a primary round-shape light on the ceiling in front of the Pooja space. There is enough space outside the temple to arrange spiritual events and fit a dozen of guests. The interior railing on the right side of the space is made of premium quality sturdy glass. It adds to the opulence of the spiritual space.





The Study Room – Enlightenment in a Stylish Ambiance     

An ideal and luxury study room should not be stuffed or have much embellishments. This contemporary style study room has a wider area which adds to its functionality. The inbuilt desk and cabinets makes it easy to manage the everyday academic tasks. The hanging mat in red and yellowish tone echoes the lamp stand placed near the sofa. The study space has tiles flooring in white color which completely goes well with the overall tone of the interior.





The Bedroom – Full of Space, Illumination, Style and Comfort

The bedroom of a luxury home is the place where the day ends with serenity and comfort. In this project, the bedroom space has been created breathable. The large sized windows bestow with satisfying breeze and a great view of the outside. There is no dearth of subtle illumination in the bedroom. There are two timber drawers attached with the bed to keep the important home luxury accessories. A lamp stand can be thought of near the bed to complement the neutral tone and the subtle illumination of the interior. A large LED TV can be fixed on the front wall so that your entertainment experience becomes awesome. There are enticing ceiling lights surrounding the fan which makes you feel good when you suddenly turn your eyes towards the ceiling.



Vinay Narasimhan - SNN Raj Lakeview Phase 2 BTM







A Special Wooden Touch

The liberal use of the supreme quality lumber in the living space, hall space, bedroom and the dining space gives a classy flair to the home’s interior. Lumber speaks loud and connects with the emotions of the elderly and the young ones in the house. The wooden furniture and frames keep you closer to nature and keep adding grace to the elegance of the house.

The large framed windows surrounded by the satisfying neutral tones like brown and gray add pleasure to the outside view. The chic and luxury home is an oasis to the trendy and sturdy furniture and accessories. The subtle lighting creates a romantic aura which simply lifts the spirits. The exploration of this well-edited interior design is no lesser than a delightful expedition. The project is a perfect treat to a modern family longing for a luxury home in Bangalore which has been innovatively designed focusing equally on the contemporary style and functionality.


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