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Award Winning Interior Designer

Ranjani is an experienced and one of the top-drawer interior designers in Bengaluru who considers every project as a challenge and conquers it with sheer professionalism. She is the founder and Creative Head of her venture – IBR Designs. Ranjani has designed dozens of Model villas/show house for reputed builders in Bangalore for over a decade. A myriad of residential, retail, hospitality and official interiors have celebrated the elegance and great functionality with Ranjani’s exceptional services.

She has given her best shot for versatile projects – be it a retail store, luxury villa, corporate office or hospitality space. Ranjani has a great potential to conceptualize the interior detailing of different types of projects and come up with groundbreaking décor, lighting and furnishing ideas that require minimum space and resources to shine on.

“Ranjani has been listed as one of the Top 10 Interior designers in Bengaluru.”

A perfect blend of idea, elements and detailing brings out the best possible grandeur of an interior and Ranjani is a master of such blends’ creation. Ranjani offers Vastu compliant plans as per the client’s requirements or preference. Be it the communicability or the awe-inspiring skills – Ranjani never fails to impress the clients in any scenario. Innovative design concepts, palette selection, managing the small spaces and providing  unique textures to the walls are few distinctive features that help Ranjani to stand out in the competitive arena.


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